The Law Was Never Meant for You

The Purpose of the Law-

The Law (Old Testament)  was a gift from God to show humanity where we missed the mark in terms of measuring up to His goodness. Want to know how far off we were? The Old Testament includes 613 laws to show us ways in which we mess up and need to change to be in God’s presence.


The Letter of the Law-

Following the law is good. In fact, there would be no sense in having God’s law (or any other law for that matter) if no one followed the law. However, if we are not careful we can become so focused on following the law that we miss the purpose behind it. We can become so focused on following the rules that we break relationships with the very people the law was meant to protect in order to enforce the law.


The Lover’s Law-

Thankfully, God, who is both Author and Judge of the Law, is also the source of love. His heart in giving the Law was for us to live our lives in a manner in which we could spend eternity in His presence. God knew that we were messing up, so he gave us the Law. When we continued to mess up, He could not allow His love for us to stop. So God came to the earth in the form of man to fulfill the law and sacrifice himself that he may restore mankind back to himself. When Jesus died on the cross, He became the only way man could hope to be in right standing before God. When we trust in Jesus, He fulfills the Law on our behalf that we may spend eternity with God.

Pastor Zac Breckenridge

LifeBridge Jonesboro