Jesus Is All You Need

Relational Living

As humans, science instructs us that we survive better when we are happy and living in community. Actually, we thrive when we are in relationship. Marriage counselling will often tell you that the purpose of your relationship must be stronger than the stress that you are under in order for the relationship to maintain its health. Therefore, if we are to even consider being in a relationship with Jesus or giving our lives to any God, shouldn’t we know that there is purpose to that relationship that is beneficial to our lives?


An Introduction to Jesus

In the book of John, Jesus introduces himself to humanity. Jesus tells those who were following him at the time that he was God as man, that he had come to the world to call upon those who would listen to him, and that he was making a way for those who trusted in him to spend eternity in heaven with God.


The Benefits of Being with Jesus

Jesus goes farther than to just give us a profile of himself in John. He actually tells us the benefits of being in relationship with him. Jesus tells his followers that he will cleanse them from sin and all of its effects, that he would place His Spirit within them to allow them to be used by God, and that God, as a Father, would give us all of our desires simply for being in relationship with Jesus.


Is Jesus Worth It?

Jesus said don’t worry about your fears, “I am.” Jesus said don’t worry about what situation you’ve found yourself in, “I am.” Jesus said don’t worry about how you’re going to make it through this life, “I am.”
Jesus said just to trust in him and he would provide for all that we need.

Is Jesus worth it? Jesus said, “I am.”
Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live,” – John 11:25

Pastor Zac Breckenridge

LifeBridge Jonesboro