You Are Included

Cultured and Common:

Did you know that Jesus loves those that are cultured? He also loves those who believe they are just “common folk.” In the second chapter of the book of Ephesians, the apostle Paul tells us that Jesus came for both those who identified themselves as people of God and those who identified themselves as people not chosen by God. Could you imagine looking at God and saying that you don’t believe that he chose you?  Either way, Paul tells us that Jesus came for people regardless of their cultural alliance or religious practice. (Ephesians 2:19)


Hippies and Hipsters:

Was Jesus a Hippie? I don’t believe so, but he sure does love them. He also loves Hipsters and all those in between. In that same chapter, Paul tells us that the church is a place for all generations. Actually, the work of one generation should boost the efforts of the generations to follow. The church was actually designed as a place for the elderly to be revered and the young to be empowered. (Ephesians 2:20-21)


Brothers and Bullies:

He couldn’t love the enemies though…. Actually, he does. Not only does Paul tell us that Jesus came to bring together all cultures and generations, he even tells us that Jesus came not only for those who are his people, but even those who hate them. I love the way Paul words it: whether you feel as though you are so far away from God that you’re not worthy to be with him until you “clean up” or if you try to sit in his presence every day, Jesus came for you. (Ephesians 2:17)



Jesus came for us all. Young, old; brother, enemy; red, yellow, black, white; we are all precious in his sight. Jesus goes so far as to call us friends in John 15:15. Just think about that statement. We are friends of God. Jesus is for anyone and everyone. Yet it is crucial that we begin a relationship with him while on earth. Jesus makes it clear that he is the only way into heaven, but that opportunity is available for everyone.

We must make that opportunity available for everyone we encounter.

Pastor Zac Breckenridge

LifeBridge Jonesboro