Defining Your Story

Life Stages:

Wouldn’t life be perfect if we could grow in wisdom throughout the years without gaining wrinkles and grey hair to show for it? We all want to make the best decisions throughout our life. As we grow older and experience more of the stages of life, wisdom often accompanies us.

The Bible teaches us that Christians go through spiritual life stages as well. Similar to our physical lives, each stage of life for a believer is accompanied by growth and wisdom. The five life stages for a believer are as follows:


Life Stage 1:

For all humanity, we have all found ourselves at one point where we are alive, but not truly living. Physically we are alive, but spiritually we have separated ourselves from God. The good news is that in the moment that we turn to Jesus and begin a relationship with him, we are made alive spiritually and reconciled with God.


Life Stage 2:

As a new believer, you physically have the same body, but spiritually you have been born again. This is the most crucial stage of life for everyone, because you could never have someone who is fully mature or developed if they are never born. However, just as an infant is defenseless to the world around them, we can be fairly vulnerable as a new believer. Therefore, we must choose to grow.


Life Stage 3:

This stage represents the transformation taking place in your life spiritually. The first act of obedience for a believer is baptism. This is where we make a public profession of our belief in Jesus Christ through water baptism.


Life Stage 4:

Next, we must find ways to get ourselves connected to our new family. As we surround ourselves by more mature Christians, we can be taught how to grow and live more like Christ on a daily basis.


Life Stage 5:

Finally, at some point in our spiritual life we must turn from being taught to teaching others. We never fully leave the fourth stage. Actually, the fifth stage of life should coincide with the previous life stage or at least overlap in some manner. All believers are instructed by Jesus to assist others in reconciling their relationship with God. As we grow in this stage of life, we realize at some point we are now fully developed and mature believers.


How to Grow Up:

I wonder if sometimes as Christians we want to get to a point where we are fully mature, but aren’t sure what to do to get to the point. First, we must acknowledge the stage of life that we are in. Second, we must constantly be looking forward to growth. Third, we must never forget where we’ve come from. What I mean is that we cannot forget the foundations of our faith and the stages of life we have gone through. When we focus only on where we are now, that is when we find ourselves in a place where we could easily find ourselves “back-slidden” because our foundation and supports have eroded away.

Ask the Holy Spirit to grow you spiritually and to minister through you to reach other people and reconcile them to God. The Holy Spirit lives within the hearts of believers and the way to true maturity is to allow him to flow through you to accomplish the role of reaching others.

Pastor Zac Breckenridge

LifeBridge Jonesboro