Street Cred

In the last two weeks, we have discussed how to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to being a Christian. This week’s blog addresses what it looks like when walking and talking hits the streets. Afterall, we can be the perfect Christian every day when we are alone, but life is all about our relationships with others.

He Can Use Anyone:
Prior to Luke 10, the disciple John questions Jesus as to if these people who have not been following him are allowed to cast out demons in his name. Jesus responds that he who is not against them is for them. He stresses the importance of his followers understanding that expanding his kingdom is a multiplication process. Jesus just needs those who are willing to share what he has done for them, regardless of how imperfect they may be.

You Should Stay:
In this chapter, Jesus sends out 72 disciples to go into the cities he is about to visit. Jesus again challenges his followers to trust him to provide for them physically and take nothing along their journey. He urges them not to skip any houses and tells them that if they are supposed to stay in that house they will know because his peace will rest there. Jesus says humbly receive what is given to you by the house you stay at; do not be ashamed to take what is given to you.

You Must Leave:
Then, Jesus tells the disciples that they should not stay in a house if there is spiritual conflict there. If the people are unteachable and unwilling to invest in God’s messengers, the disciples were instructed to move on to the next house. We cannot become discouraged when not everyone we encounter is ready to hear what God is doing in our lives.
We have a duty to share with everyone we encounter the love of God and how a relationship with Jesus has affected our life. Jesus told the disciples to share one message with those who experienced a miracle: “The Kingdom of God has come near to you.” God desires to use your hands to tangibly touch the lives of others for his name’s sake. He wants you to share his good news with anyone who is willing to listen.

Pastor Zac Breckenridge
LifeBridge Jonesboro