“I feel closer to God among his creation than I do within the four walls of the church.” This seemingly insignificant statement made by my dad several years ago as we were leaving on a hunting trip together still resonates within my soul today. There is a lot of truth in what my dad was suggesting in his remark. As the church, we must resemble Christ close enough for those seeking him to feel his presence. However, God does indeed still speak through his creation.

Four Evidences of God within Creation:

As outlined in the book How Can I Know?, Pastor Robert Jeffress explains four “arguments” that God exists as provided by evidence within creation. The four approaches Pastor Jeffress explains are the cosmological, teleological, anthropological, and experiential.  For the sake of keeping this blog concise, I will present evidence from my personal favorite approach, the anthropological.

You are Evidence:

Anthropos, a fancy Greek term for man, alludes to the fact that mankind as a whole gives evidence that there must be God. As the Bible instructs us in Genesis, man was created in the image of God. Man has three distinct characteristics which validate this belief. First, unlike any other part of creation, man has the capacity to think and reason both abstract and rationally. Second, innate within all of humanity is an intense desire to worship something. C. S. Lewis once said, “Creatures are not born with desires unless satisfaction for those desires exist.” Third, across tribes and nations all across the world there are moral absolutes that can be found within any culture. Men don’t build nations merely by adding onto laws of the previous generations. Without some moral code ingrained within us all, we could never agree on the validity of morality. Within the very nature of man, we see that all of humanity must have been universally exposed to a higher level of authority which we agree models for us a standard for what is good.

Evidence Exposed:

Creation, from microscopic subatomic particles to the expanses of the universe all held together by universal laws which must be maintained precisely to support life of beings capable of reasoning and questioning their own existence, while being dedicated to worshiping something greater than themselves, supports evidence that God must exist.

Just as a painter speaks through his painting, a sculptor through his sculpture, the Creator speaks through his creation. But that isn’t enough for most people. We can be exposed to the fact that God exists, yet not come into a relationship with this God unless we know how this is possible. It becomes our role as believers to use the evidence that God has given us through his creation to connect with all people the reality that not only does God exists, but that he has been chasing after a relationship with them since before they were even conceived.

Pastor Zac Breckenridge

LifeBridge Jonesboro