He Became a Father

The holiday season is now upon us. As the days get busier and the stores get more crowded, we begin to turn our attention to one of the most favored days of the year, Christmas. Throughout this series, we will take a focused look at the day Christmas celebrates: the day Jesus was born. This series will unpack the ramifications of Jesus’ birth and his revelation to the world from four different perspectives. First, we will look at the day that from our perspective appears to be the day God became a Father. In the Old Testament, it appears that God was so distant, but this day seemed to change the way the entire world would relate to God. No longer would God be just some distant being which ruled the universe. Now we see God as a relational Father desiring to walk through this life alongside each one of us.

Awkward Introductions:

The passage where we first begin to see God as Father is found in Luke 1:26-38. As we begin to read this passage, it becomes very apparent that we are entering into an extremely awkward moment in the history of mankind. God has just sent a messenger angel (his wingman) to share with a young teenage woman named Mary that she is about to deliver the Son of God into the world. As awkward as it must have been for God to so quickly reveal his plan to Mary, we find that God had planned this encounter for far longer than Mary could have ever imagined. God revealed throughout the Old Testament 44 different prophecies which were indications that the person who fulfilled them would be the person sent by God to redeem the world. We see that from the beginning of the Bible and throughout history God was constantly revealing this plan. Mary only became aware of her role in this plan as she was capable of handling it. Sometimes God protects us from our destiny because we would be incapable of accepting his plan for the entirety of our life.

God’s Plan:

What we should understand from this interaction between God and Mary is that God does desire to tell us what our future is, what we were created to be. Then, we must realize that we were created to do more than we can even fathom. Yes, God know what struggles you have in life currently, but you haven’t seen his plans for you. God has included you in these plans longer than you can imagine. The fulfillment of our destiny merely requires your obedience to God’s revelation. Finally, your required obedience is to God, not man or any other created being. Everyone may look from the outside and think this looks wrong (such as a 14 year old girl pregnant out of wedlock who claims to be a virgin carrying the Son of God), but it is your responsibility to respond to God.


This day ultimately cost God much more than it ever did Mary. Father chose to break every religious presupposition that the coming Savior would be a dominant militant force. God paid the ultimate price to be the Father, but he didn’t just become Father of the Son. He opened up an opportunity to adopt all those who would come to him. God’s ultimate desire is to adopt you as his child.

Pastor Zac Breckenridge

LifeBridge Jonesboro