A Child Was Born

Do you remember the day that changed your life forever? Maybe, it was a big breakthrough at work to launch you into your career. Maybe, it was the day you graduated. Perhaps, it was the day you and your spouse took vows before God and man in matrimony. Possibly, it was even the day you had your first child.

Regardless of what that event was, we all have a day that we look back on in our lives which seems to have been a turning point for us. The days before that vary vastly from the days since all because of the events that took place on that one particular day. I have to imagine that Mary viewed the day she would deliver God’s Son into the world as being that day for her life.

Going to the Big City:

Doctor Luke writes one of the most detailed depictions of Christ’s birth. Chapter two of Luke’s gospel opens up with Caesar ready to get some more tax revenue. We know that at this point Caesar was performing regular censuses and it was time for the Jews. Joseph, Mary’s betrothed, had to go to his fore father’s hometown to ensure his inheritance. Joseph and Mary walked two days to get to their destination of Bethlehem.

We’ve Arrived and So Has He!

Mary knows that she is traveling to the city of David. This city used to be known as a mecca of diverse culture. Bethlehem was a trade center. Once Mary gets there though, it has declined to a very small city. If Mary was telling us that story today, she may say something like, “When I read that prophecy I was thinking something like Seattle or Dallas. I would have settled for Jonesboro. I could not believe it was Paragould! I was expecting this to be the day I went from being a pauper to the palace. Take me to NEA Baptist Hospital! I’m about to deliver the Savior. He needs the newest and the best! I need a huge delivery room for everyone who is going to come and see.” Poor Joseph, can you imagine his response to Mary, “Uhh, Mary, there are no hospitals here.” “Take me to the Hilton!” Mary exclaims. “The king must be born in luxury!” “Uhh, Mary, there aren’t any hotels here. I can see if we can stay in the inn (which meant a hut on someone’s roof),” Joseph murmurs. “You want me to have this baby on the roof of someone’s house??? I’m not doing it,” Mary emphatically cries out. Finally, Joseph must break the worst news of all, “Uhh, Mary, you’re right. They don’t have any room for us because of the census.” You just know there are people peeking out their window, looking at Mary like that girl’s about to pop. I’m not cleaning that up. Nope sorry. We’re all filled up here.

Welcome to Your New Home:

In a last desperate plea, Joseph knocks on some backwoods-country boy’s house. You know this guy is country because he tells Joseph to go out back where they deliver the cows in that old rock cave to have his baby.

Cold, wet, damp, filthy. No Obamacare. Rejected by everyone in town. Jesus was born. He was wrapped in tattered cloths that had made it a long journey. No newborn outfit for the Savior either. Joseph throws more hay into the feeding trough then wraps Jesus in this torn cloth and lays the Son of God down for his first nap. Welcome to the world Son of God!  

Baby Jesus:

Creator of the universe, Savior to the world, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, of his government there will be no end.

Yet Jesus was born the most humbling birth, and lived the most humbling life so that he could relate to you. Jesus is a God who understands. He’s gone through every temptation common to man, yet overcame them all as only God could. You want a friend who can understand where you’re at in life?                                                           .

John 15:15 says, “No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you.”

Jesus understands what you are going through, but he knows how to overcome it. He became the victory not just because of his sacrifice on the cross, but because he became man -God in flesh. Because of this he understand how to teach us to obtain victory in every area of life.

What kind of god will you serve?

As for me and my house, we will serve the one true God who understands us.

Pastor Zac Breckenridge

LifeBridge Jonesboro