Core Values


More than a program, small groups are a lifestyle.

We are all on a journey to become fully devoted followers of Christ, but no one should ever try to make the journey alone. The vision for our small groups is to see every person partnering with one another to become disciples of Christ. This follows the model set forth by the Church in Acts 2:46-47.

The goal of connect groups is to offer a place where everyone will find a friend.


If you’re ready to discover more about LifeBridge we have created a series of classes, conferences, and activities just for you. iDiscover is designed to clearly explain who God is and how that impacts your identity. You can also find out who we are as a church and how you can plug into what God is doing.


If you are looking for a place to give your time and gifts LifeBridge offers a variety of opportunities to dive in. You will find many different departments where you simply being you can change the life of another.


The purpose of LifeBridge Worship is to magnify the Lord on the earth; To experience the life-changing power of His glory; To expose the broken to the hope found in His presence.

During our gatherings to elevate the name of Jesus, we will steward an atmosphere of worship through song to enter His presence, encounter the Word to expose ourselves to reality, and offer moments of invitation for salvation, baptisms, healing, and sanctification. Our ministry team won’t just leave you at the altar to figure it out.


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