Not Your Dad

Listen, I’m going to be honest with you. We’ve got daddy issues and not just one or two of them. We’ve got a lot of them. I must surmise that we cannot live like we are supposed to until we deal with them. This series is aimed at dealing with those issues which harm us the most.

Defining Daddy Issues:
“Daddy issues” has been this term coined in America which is used to describe individuals who act and react in their life based on the misguided direction of a father-figure or in most cases the lack of such father-figure in their life at all. Statistics have proven that the lack of a father-figure in a child’s life dramatically increase the child’s probability of enduring hardships throughout their life.

Developing Daddy Issues:
The overwhelming results that researchers have found correlating the absence of a father or a poor relationship to one’s father did not develop overnight, nor over a few years for that matter. Many, if not most, Americans have adopted a mentality of seclusion coupled with a lack of vulnerability. We want to appear to those around us that we have it all together. This lack of vulnerability places us on a pedestal for everyone to watch our every move. When a mistake is made, the higher you are, the harder you fall. This concept has directly affected parenting in the previous generations and caused parents to not disclosure shortcomings to their children. It doesn’t take long though for most of us to realize that not every decision our parents make do we agree is best for our lives. This has caused children within our generation to have shattered realities and the more embittered the generation becomes the more the statistics rise.

Defeating Daddy Issues:
Where will we get our role model then to defeat daddy issues in our lives? We must turn to God. He is THE Father. Yes, he is holy and he is King of Kings, but he is also our provider. He provides everything we need. The Father sent his Son. The Father gives the Spirit. The Father adopts you and gives you the heavenly inheritance. Once we acknowledge that our father (mother, grandparents, manager, boss, mentor, and anyone else who has invested in your life) is a human and therefore messes up because we all mess up, then we can be empowered to forgive the one who has hurt us because they didn’t measure up to all we desired for them to be. Next, we must rely on the true Father. Father God is the embodiment of everything a father can and should be. He is all we need. We must forgive those who hurt us and rely on the only one who can be everything we are searching for in a father. It’s time to deal with your daddy issues.

Pastor Zac Breckenridge
LifeBridge Jonesboro